Why choose ebillz?Products

With various alternative billing products available in the market why should you invest in ebillz?

Take a look through some of the key areas of ebillz and then benchmark them to the other products you may have already seen.

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ebillz makes importing CDRs child’s play. With the CDR Import Wizard you will be able to import almost any form of CDR from any carrier. Its flexible design means that you are just a few clicks away from importing daily, weekly, or monthly CDRs from an aggregate of carriers. And it's quick too, with even our entry level system being able to process over 9,000,000 CDRs per hour.


The Tariff Management System allows you to easily view and maintain your tariffs. You can easily change all the tariffs in the system for each operator. Using one of a variety of tariff management tools you can apply percentage mark-ups to all destinations except those that you have decided to exempt. You can even create rate overrides to specific destinations for individual customers without having to create brand new tariff tables.

Customer Management

ebillz is the complete business solution for managing your customers and has been built with the customer in mind. Whether it’s a new or existing customer on the phone, you can make them feel comfortable that they are receiving the best support, by quickly and confidently being able to capture their details or pull their details up on screen.


  • Address Information
  • Connection Information
  • Credit and Debit Card Details
  • Creation of Invoices and Standing Orders
  • Payment History

Call Stats Analysis Sub-System

The Call Statistics Analysis sub-system allows you to ‘drill down’ into any Call Stats you have in the system. You can study your call minutes by Customer, Dealer, Prefix, CLI, Charge Type, Time of Day or any combination of the above. You can even view your Call Stats in graphical format. This excellent tool will help you to better understand and forecast your business.

Full Direct Debit Reconciliation

ebillz has a powerful end to end Direct Debit sub-system built in, which allows the processing of payments in the standardised BACS IP format and is compatible with all major banking software’s. ebillz can even integrate with third party providers such as First Capital Cashflow who are able to collect direct debit payments on Reseller's behalf by acting as a bureau agency. ebillz also feeds back in the ARRUD file for reconciliation and credit control and allows full paperless direct debit setup and management.