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Exemplary customer service is an integral part of ebillz customer value proposition. We pride ourselves on having the most knowledgable staff on our helpdesk who are supported by a cutting edge real-time online ticketing system where you can see exactly who is dealing with your fault and how it is escalating. We have a guaranteed 4 hour service level agreement with all clients to provide a first response to an inbound phone or e-mail,query. We also give all clients access to our comprehensive online wiki based help system.

Our Key Performance Indicators are further proof of our aim to offer our customers an experience that exceeds their expectations.

1. Know Our Product – All ebillz suppport staff know the ebillz billing system inside out! Our First and Second Line Support staff are information experts as they themselves carry out bill runs each month using ebillz for our BSI accredited bureau customers. Whatever the situation may be, we always strive to go the extra mile and never leave a client with an unanswered question. Please see our Testimonial Page as further evidence of this.

2. Communication – we always strive to keep our customers updated with how their support request is progressing. Clients can keep track of their support request online in real-time on and close the ticket with feedback which gets filtered to the Shaftesbury directors. Please see our Testimonial Page for some of the feedback we receive from clients when they close their support tickets.

3. Anticipate Customer Needs - Nothing surprises our customer more than when an ebillz employee goes the extra mile to help them. We always look for ways to serve our customer more than they expect and actively encourage our staff to take as long as it takes to resolve a client issue before moving on. In doing so it helps them to know that we care and will always leave them with the "Feel Good Factor" that they are searching for.

Our Customer Service Charter sets out the high standards of service you should expect from Shaftesbury Systems

Download a copy of our Customer Service Charter