ebillz has more management reports than any other Billing and Customer Care System in its class.

Listed below are the top reports we believe are essential for your business to grow.

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Power Report

Allows access to all ebillz data, used to create your own reports when you have a special requirement that a built in report just won’t satisfy using the power of SQL queries.

Queries can be Created, Run, Saved and Maintained internally within your organization rapidly providing your team with up to the minute data as well outputting clear concise reports to be made available instantly to the decision makers within your business.

CREDIT CONTROL Customer Statement

Report to show the Invoices against this Customer, for a specified number of months and the payment details against each invoice.

CREDIT CONTROL Credit Exposure

Report shows how much a Customer owes you based on the outstanding values against the Invoices as well as un-invoiced call data and if they have exceeded their set Credit Limit This report can also be run based on Call Charges Only if this is the only exposure of concern.

This reporting tool enables you to quickly identify problem customers by selecting only those customers over their credit limit by either a specified fixed currency amount, or a specified percentage.

CREDIT CONTROL Debtors Summary

This is a powerful credit control utility which can generate reminder letters for printing or email, as well as generate a full aged debt report.

As well as using this to quickly identify problem payers you can optionally create an automatic customer note logging that a reminder letter or e-mail was issued, and also optionally put the account On Stop which will be displayed visually on the main Customer record screen using the Traffic Light System.

CREDIT CONTROL Invoice Breakdown Analysis

A full list of all invoices generated within the specified date range showing the different product type totals on the invoice.

CREDIT CONTROL Payment Summary

All payments that of been received in the specified date range, grouped by customer.

Summary Analysis

A quick visual snapshot of your business from the calls and services loaded in daily which are then broken down into separate individual service analysis codes to be exported into third party applications if required.

Breaks down call charges and service charges and can even be used to get an up to date sales report on new sales by sales person or dealer.

The following comprehensive Crystal reports are also available as standard in the ebillz platform


  • Customer Tariffs Analysis
  • LCR Tariff Analysis
  • LCR Tariffs Connected
  • Non-Geo Connection History


  • Billing Analysis
  • Call Stats Analysis
  • Carrier Usage
  • CDR Cost Comparison
  • CLI Spend by Customer
  • CLI Spend by Day
  • Customer Overrides
  • Customer Charges Summary
  • Customer Performance
  • LCR Billing Predictor
  • LCR Carrier Summary
  • Pre Billing Report
  • Show Automatically Marked up calls


  • Billing Analysis
  • Call Stats Analysis


A suite of powerful analysis tools used to highlight customers, products, and destinations that have a growth trend greater then the specified +/- amount. A combination of graphs and reports help find the customers, products, and destinations that are on the way up, or on the way down.