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WLR3 Key Features

View WLR3 Inventory within ebillz

When an Order has been completed (KCI3), an entry is automatically created in the Inventory screen. This data would be used to see the LIVE lines that you currently have on the WLR3 system. The screen only displays basic information on the line, so that anyone can look at it and understand it easily.

Fix WLR3/ebillz mismatches directly in ebillz

To keep both systems talking to each other, there has to be a common denominator, we are using the Customer Code. Sometimes mistakes can happen and the incorrect code is entered when placing the order. At this point the data will be flagged as rejected. The WLR3 Reject Wizard needs to be used to tell Ebillz the correct Customer Code.

ebillz Notes for KCI and Trouble Report Notifications created automatically

The standard note system is globally available to all ebillz users. This ensures that anyone can deal with a WLR3 enquiry. The notes are automatically generated, as the KCI updates are downloaded. All KCI’s associated with an Order are grouped together into a single note making sure that all current information is easily accessible.

Create Custom Email Notification Rules

Communication is the key to keeping clients happy and if that can be done proactively then all the better. WLR3 Email Rules Maintenance has been designed to be as flexible as possible. Below are some simple examples how this screen could be used in the work place:

  • The accounts team needs to be informed that an order has been completed so that they could raise an invoice or create the relevant recursive charges ahead of the CDRS coming in.
  • You want to inform a customer from a certain stage in the order process with the current status of their order.
  • You want to keep the customer informed every step of the way through a Trouble Report, saving them from calling you for an update.
  • You want to automatically inform the customer an order completion e-mail once the line has gone live.
  • Customer Services might need to know when Openreach has cleared a trouble report so that they can contact the end user.

The heart of ebillz WLR3 integration is a suite of bespoke Sync Services which run on the ebillz server polling the WLR3 systems for updates and updating ebillz data accordingly. This system can easily be extended to add additional functionality as we progress through existing Phases and react to customer demand.

With seamless integration between WLR3 provisioning and the ebillz platform, human input errors are avoided.