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Key benefits of WLR3

  • No system limit on volumes (removal of order rationing).
  • No on-going forecasting requirements or associated order priority.
  • Order handling intelligence resulting in higher automation, lower order rejections and simpler processes.
  • Single interface for Fulfilment and Assurance.
  • Regular updates of order progress via KCI’s, (Keep Customer Informed) notifications which will also auto generate a note into ebillz).
  • Opportunities for new revenue and reduced subscriber churn.
  • Service will be provided quicker (if line plant is available), with the possibility of switch on within hours.
  • Allows CP’s to establish new revenue streams by introducing new products and features, (i.e. Non-standard line types or Portacabins).
  • Services going live substantially quicker by identifying existing line plant and current configuration.
  • Dialogue Services: These enable a CP to enhance their provisioning and assurance work-flows by using the dialogue services on offer, including knowing what is on a line, what network availability exists, or whether an Openreach engineer appointment is even required.

WLR3 - Dialogue Services

  • Provides an opportunity to perform pre-order processing before placing an order.
  • Provides an opportunity to perform pre-fault processing before registering a fault.
  • Real time and reliable access to a number of services offered by Openreach.
  • Access to imported data required for placing an order or fault.
  • Increase the quality of order, thereby reducing the number of rejections.

WLR3 - Fulfilment

  • Batch transfers of Lines- Ability to provision up to 400 transfers at once.
  • Full order history on local machine - No 90 days cut off from order history anymore.

WLR3 - Assurance

  • Easier fault management
  • Ability for web based fault assurance- Reporting faults out of hours and giving updates.
  • Real time access to Openreach engineers diary - book appointments in real-time.
  • Assurance escalation - Ability to increase revenue and provide quicker fix by giving an earlier fix time.