ebillz.web is our client hosted web based front-end to ebillz which can be a very useful tool for customer service and provisioning scenarios (call centres for example) or to give access to sales force or home workers to enter in new customer information, notes, or access customer account information.

They are able to view information such as:

User Login
  • Customer Account Information
  • Financial Transactions
  • Lines and Services
  • Tariff Information

Total OutstandingOn top of this, the ebillz.web system is linked to the main ebillz billing engine in real-time; therefore the changes/additions via ebillz.web are reflected on the ebillz desktop system instantly.

ebillz.web could be adapted and configured to meet your required needs; ebillz.web could also be customised to your company’s corporate image and style sheet, making it ideal for a call centre out-sourced customer service and support scenario.

The following 3rd party companies are able to help you offer out of hours customer support utilising ebillz.web if required