ebillz.net is our powerful online end user billing analysis service ebillz.net offering your end customers a fast summary of their calls via your own website. There is also functionality for them to view PDF copies of their invoices, download itemised call data as well as enable fraud monitoring with automated usage e-mail alerts.


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It is now possible to also filter by Time of Day, Duration, as well as Cost of individual calls to allow an unlimited combination of queries to meet individual search criteria, e.g., a query can show all calls made out of office hours that cost more than 25 pence. This filtered data can then be downloaded directly to a .csv file for further analysis or printing offline. The navigation buttons glow red when they are available for moving forward/backwards a page, or straight to the start or end of the selected records. Call records can also be pushed to your website on a daily basis if daily call data records are loaded.


Monthly invoices can also be pushed on your website via ebillz.net. Once produced, invoices appear on ebillz.net in PDF format and all elements can be reviewed in exactly the same format as those printed as well as being printed and downloaded. A mini account summary is also automatically generated, against invoices highlighting invoice balances, overdue balance, and payment history as well as payment methods.

ebillz.net Alert System

The ebillz.net Alert system allows your customers to automatically receive an e-mail or an SMS text (using the built in SMS Gateway) on call parameters that they choose. This greatly enhances the value addition of the ebillz.net service as your customers will now be in control of when and how they are alerted as well as set the parameters which trigger the alerts.


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