ebillz BureauServices

The bill you send to your customers is your most important device - it is your revenue collector as well as being one of the main forms of contact you have with your customers. If done poorly, this can adversely affect both your customers' perceptions of their supplier as well as decrease your productivity.

When you contract out billing functions to a third party over a substantial period of time it's known as bureau billing or outsourcing.

Outsourcing billing and other non-core functions allows you to focus on your strengths – delivering telecommunications services to your customers.

Why choose ebillz as an outsourcing partner? Outsourcing is about creating a successful partnership and choosing a company to outsource to is very different from choosing an ordinary supplier.

You would be embarking on a long-term relationship with a third party whose working practices will directly affect your business and we are fully aware of the trust Resellers place in ebillz.

Our credentials and track record in providing billing solutions to over 200 companies across the UK, Ireland, Europe and North America since 1998 is a mark in it self of our quality of service but further still in 2007 we achieved Ofcom Metering and Billing Accreditation - Accredited by BSI (British Standards Institute) Billing & Metering Kitemark for TMBS ((Total Metering and Billing Std) and are one of the few billing companies in the UK who hold this distinction.

Unlike many of our competitors' Bureau services we provide you with the full functionality of the ebillz system regardless of whether you Purchase, Rent, or Bureau the ebillz platform, with the same outstanding customer support and the same powerful features and functionality.