The ebillz Bureau Service

Outsource your billing functions and services to ebillz. Using our expert billing bureau services allows you more time to focus on your core strengths - and build your business.

Why outsource your billing functions? Because the bill you send to your customers is a critically important communications vehicle. As well as being core to your revenue collection operations, your invoice embodies your brand, and can be a major component of your customer service and contact strategy.

Poor and inefficient billing processes can adversely affect brand perception and be a drain on productivity. That’s why outsourcing your billing functions to a professional, experienced third party billing bureau like ebillz is a smart move the brings immediate operational benefits, as well as building longer term and long-lasting customer relationship value.

The ebillz Training Service

Make more of your ebillz system with training for end-users, admin and operations staff and technical support teams.

All training can be tailored to your specific business needs, so you derive maximum benefit from your ebillz billing system investment. Among our training services we offer:

  • End user training
  • Business user training
  • Technical training
  • System administration & operations training
  • System database & operations training
  • A range of bespoke training courses on reports, dealer commission, finance functions, tariffing and billing management.

ebillz Advanced & Bespoke Training Courses

Power Reports

Learn how to write simple SQL select queries to extract specific data from your database, where reports are not already built in. Learn too about wildcards and operator queries as well as building interactive queries.

Dealer Commission

Gain advanced knowledge on setting up dealer commission, including adding and connecting dealers, setting up dealer splits and overrides, adding dealer commission to call charges and recursive charges and processing a statement run.

Financial & New Features

Master the financial functions of ebillz, including direct debit collections, data exports to Sage, analysis codes, credit control and understanding finance report detail. Plus receive training on all new features and updates added in the last two releases.

Tariffing & New Features

Discover tariffing features and options such as creating, exporting and importing operators/tariffs, tariff pricing and maintenance, promotional bundles, non-geographic billing and connection and a range of other options. Plus features and updates in…

Billing Manager Course and New Features

Perfect for billing managers seeking advanced knowledge of rating engines and billing procedures, this course covers CDR house keeping and load tools, nicknames, pre-billing reports and the bill generation process. Plus new features in the last two releases.

Training Provision

Training is offered: online, in one-to one tutorials or onsite at customer premises

The ebillz Consultancy Service

Improve and streamline your billing operations with bespoke consultancy from our highly experienced consultants.

Your billing system sits at the very heart of your business operations, so it’s vital that you get maximum value out of it. Our teams of consultants and project managers will help you integrate, configure and optimise your ebillz billing platform to perform to its full potential, ensuring your business processes are efficient and scalable.

All of our Project Managers and Consultants have at least five years of experience in consultancy services and can be deployed at client locations worldwide.