The beginning of April saw our Managing Director here at ebillz, Arvind Meghani, embark on a challenging 13-day trek to the Everest Base Camp. Arvind tackled the trek via the lengthier and more demanding ‘Gokyo Lake’ route, to raise money for the ‘Friends of Kera’ charity.

The Friends of Kera charity raise money for less abled children and adults in India and Africa. Ran entirely by volunteers, they fundraise by organising events and use the money raised to provide necessities like medical treatment, wheelchairs, hearing aids and even donate money to projects which aim to renovate schools and restore communities.

After what was nearly a two-week journey, Arvind was back safe and sound so we took the opportunity to catch up with him, post his inspiring trek and get the lowdown on the thrilling climb!

On day 1 Arvind and his team faced the dreaded ascent from Lukla airport. A safe landing and a less gruelling hike later, they arrived at Phakding by late afternoon at a height of 2640m. Day 4 saw Arvind reach an altitude of 4050m and arrive in a very cold Namche.

By day 7, having reached Gokyo by late afternoon and after having faced a very steep and challenging hike, the team were rewarded with stunning views of Gokyo as they reached 5300m! Day 9 included a 10-hour hike in tough wind and snow ridden conditions to Phortse. On day 10 Arvind reached Lobuche where at a height of 4940m, trekking was proving a much more difficult task.

After a final rigorous hike, on the 16th April, Arvind and the rest of his team reached the Everest base camp, at 5364m! A tough but remarkable achievement, Arvind was able to raise a extraordinary £1123.00 for the ‘Friends of Kera’ charity, with 100% of profits going to them, many people’s lives will be bettered through the money raised. Well done to Arvind and everyone that embarked on the trek with him!