ACR Networks Limited is a telecommunications provider offering the latest industry equipment and services. They have been an ebillz customer since 2000 and offer their customers expert guidance from the initial consultation through to commissioning network solutions, equipment installation, programming and training. ACR Networks Limited also offers full remote or on-site maintenance and support. 

‘’One of the biggest benefits of using ebillz is the ability to manipulate data both en mass and individually, resulting in considerable time saving for my billing team. ebillz has definitely been worth the investment” - Giles Ashdown, Managing Director ACR Networks Limited.

The Challenge

When ACR Networks Ltd was formed, as a sister company of Connect 2 Telecommunications, who provide telephone system solutions, they didn’t have a billing management process. “When we established our network business, ACR went with ebillz right from the start,” said Traycie Saunders ACR Networks Data Administrator.

The Solution

“We initially chose ebillz because they were the market leaders and their solution the most compatible with the telecoms industry,” recalled Traycie. “For us, the driving factor was to be able to run a variety of provider CDRs, covering a wide range of calling destinations, product rentals, and tariffs. The ebillz solution gave us invoices calculated automatically, at the same time retaining flexibility for bespoke input.”

When it came to the set-up of the ebillz software, ebillz Managing Director, Arvind Meghani, personally advised ACR Networks and assisted with the smooth implementation. “Arvind came into our office and worked with our Office Manager to install ebillz in 2000.” recalled Giles Ashdown.

Since then, ACR Networks has periodically explored alternative billing solutions to ensure they are using the most efficient system for the ever-changing world of telecommunications. However, they found that other platforms were not able to offer the same functionality that ebillz could. “I had looked at alternative platforms i.e. the Daisy billing solution, but nothing measured up to ebillz” said Traycie, “ebillz serves its purpose well.” As a result, ACR Networks continue to entrust ebillz with their billing needs. 

The Result

ebillz has allowed ACR Networks to make notable cost and time savings with all invoices now being sent via email. They also collect 95% of money by monthly Direct Debit and have access to features and options that wouldn’t be possible without ebillz. “We now collect 95% of money by monthly direct debit. Uploading new tariffs and implementing promotion plans can be done quickly and efficiently. One of the biggest benefits of using ebillz is the ability to manipulate data both en mass and individually, resulting in saving considerable time for my billing team. ebillz has definitely been worth the investment” commented Giles Ashdown, Managing Director ACR Networks Limited.

Traycie feels the simplicity of the reports and other outputs from ebillz also creates customer satisfaction for ACR Networks’ customers “ebillz produces invoices that are simple to read and understand, meaning customers can easily analyse their usage. This isn’t the case with many other billing solution providers and definitely makes for happy customers!”.

The Future

When asked what ebillz could have done differently to improve ACR’s experience, Traycie said, “We wouldn’t have done anything differently. We are 100% satisfied with ebillz.” Going forward, ACR Networks Limited will continue with ebillz as their billing solutions provider. With no intentions of leaving, they are also considering ebillz Enterprise, which will allow them to scale their business. Traycie concluded “It fits. The support team is great and always comes up with a swift solution to any of my, sometimes bizarre, requests. The ebillz system has a lot to offer, I’m continually finding new things and feel like we’ve only just scratched the surface.”

About ebillz

ebillz has been leading the way in telecoms billing solutions for 25 years. Our goal is to deliver a feature-rich, stable and high-performance billing system that enables and transforms the way our partners interact with their customers. We achieve this through highly-innovative technology that is constantly updated to keep pace with – and ahead of – the requirements of an ever-changing telecoms landscape, and by delivering software solutions that exceed partner expectations.

At the heart of our business are our customers and partners and, of course, our people, all of whom share in our service-oriented culture and commitment to quality. We are driven by our partners and customers, for whom we work constantly and passionately to provide the best-performing, most reliable and fully-flexible billing system there is.