Case Study

Calteq gains top billing

Telecoms provider Calteq has forged a successful partnership with ebillz and Strategic Imperatives to exploit the potential of billing and WLR3 integration. It didn't take long for the link-up to start paying off.

Calteq, a provider of telephony solutions including calls and WLR, IP services, mobility solutions, audio conferencing services and converged applications to the SME Market, is now attracting substantial new business as well as a marked improvement in the management of existing clients as a direct result of offering WLR3 technology and combing the real time information that WLR3 brings into generating real time invoices from their billing system.

Calteq has over 35 years experience in the telecoms arena. Based in Essex Calteq employs over 14 staff mainly focused on customer service and billing. The business has grown rapidly and now has over 5,000 numbers managed on behalf of its customers. The firm's single provider approach includes a customer service team, an online billing system, and regular contact with customers to ensure that their communications package remains cost efficient and effective.

Over the last 12 months the company has seen a 200 per cent increase in the sales of new products including mobile solutions using O2, Vodafone and Orange, as well as audio conferencing solutions. With the high level of automation used, including an online dealer CRM system, Calteq expects this to double again during 2009/2010.

In April 2009 ebillz Systems and Strategic Imperatives were approached by Calteq to provide a turnkey solution for billing and WLR3 with assurances that a seamless transition from the existing billing and WLR3 solution could be guaranteed. Service Level Agreements were also a key imperative for Calteq as its client demand for rapid response had to be filtered down to their service providers.

Clear targets were made unambiguous to ebillz & Strategic Imperatives very early on in the negotiations. Calteq was already live with WLR3 and billing so a key target for both ebillz Systems and Strategic Imperatives was to eliminate any possibility of business disruption and to move to ‘business as usual' as rapidly as possible with zero downtime.

ebillz Systems and Strategic Imperatives took a holistic view of the operational setup at Calteq and offered a tailored solution after understanding both the core and non-core requirements. A project plan was drawn up by ebillz and Strategic Imperatives and a project manager allocated to transfer the data from their existing billing system and their WLR3 base to the ebillz ebillz platform and Strategic Imperatives WLR3 system.

WLR3 and billing integration soon proved to be a winning formula. Calteq recently won a major South of England Conservatory company after a period of trialling the WLR3 service. The contract was awarded after a period in which three other telecoms companies provided a similar service. However, it was the ability to provide non-serviced premises with lines and the high level of constant feedback regarding all aspects of the delivery that enabled Calteq to secure the entire account. The company has also recently used the services of Calteq to provide new products including new installations at four offices, 100x inbound 0800 numbers and discussions are underway regarding mobiles for the company.

A recent case which was won was more concerned by the ability to transfer services away from multiple existing vendors to a single solution that offered enhanced billing capability. The company, which is a major International manufacturing organisation with 20 UK offices, required a seamless transfer of complex services onto a bespoke billing solution. Calteq successfully demonstrated this by the integration of both the eBillz system and Strategic Imperatives and the use of WLR3.

"ebillz Systems and Strategic Imperatives won the contract for billing and WLR3, integrated the new infrastructure and migrated the existing data to the new platform, commented Yasin Qadir, Sales Manager at ebillz. "A key achievement that all parties were proud of was the zero downtime in the migration to the new systems. Calteq now has a reliable and stable billing platform, and is fully able to make use of all the advanced additional functionality from the Strategic Imperatives WLR3 portal."

Nigel Willetts, Calteq Director, added: "Our requirements were accurately translated into an IT solution that has revolutionised the way we work as a company, as well as providing security and peace of mind."