What is ebillz?Products

Our groundbreaking Enterprise solution is purpose built to unlock the potential of established telecoms resellers and IT providers via best-of-breed technology. Extremely scalable and resilient, Enterprise is a truly advanced, breakthrough billing solution that clears the strongest path to revenue for our clients.

It’s a solution to empower seamless billing within businesses whose capacity demands were previously not catered for in the industry.

Ebillz Enterprise is simply the most powerful solution available in the market.

The Important Features

Total billing control

  • Unique capacity strengthens your ability to grow
  • The most powerful billing engine available
  • Scale up processing speeds almost infinitely

Established reseller empowerment

  • Achieve outstanding and measurable results with scalable rating engines
  • Enabled ‘bureau billing’ to mitigate profit loss, perfect for acquisitions
  • Seamless integration with such leading business systems as Sage & Microsoft CRM Dynamics

Flagship technology

  • £2 million per hour revenue processing power
  • Advanced tariff options: maximize potential
  • CDR rating up to 12 million records per hour

With today’s most powerful billing solution operating as the engine room of your business functions, Ebillz Enterprise can service your entire business requirements while helping you maximise your potential to be a truly significant player in the telecoms industry.

What Enterprise offers you:

We have developed a suite of solutions to provide complete billing portfolio for businesses ranging from start-up to corporate.

With Enterprise we have identified and acted upon what’s most important to all our most powerful clients.

The years of hard work, specialized expertise and development of advanced technology has crowned Enterprise as the most powerful engine of business growth and innovation available on the billing solution market.

The features available with Enterprise place all our clients at the vanguard of their industry.

Services Ebillz.lite Ebillz.desktop Ebillz.enterprise
SQL based backend
Web based front end    
Built in credit control  
Built in note system  
WLR3 integration  
Direct Debit Processing  
Multi-user access
Integration with SAGE  
Tariff/rate card management
Recurring charges / one off
Manual invoices  
Connect CLIs
Rate card maintenance
Comprehensive reports  
WLR service file loading  
Non Geo Billing  
Mobile Billing
Customer Account Management  
Multiple Billing Cycles  
Rating speed 500,000 p/h 1,000,000 p/h 10,000,000p/h
Scalable Rating Engines    
Bureau Billing    
Advanced Tariffing Options    
Advanced Pre-Billing Overview    
Free minutes and free spend    
Bundle Module    

For further details please contact a member of the support team or your account manager. Or if you would like to request a break down of our consultancy service then please call 0845 054 0400 or e-mail sales@ebillz.com.