The ebillz platform is designed to support the complete requirements of Telecom Resellers offering a full circle solution.

Our integrated CRM technology is extremely flexible and includes tasks and ticket (fault) mechanisms, document storage and management, template letter generation, customer contact management; WLR3 KCI feeds as well as the audit and tracking of debt chasing letters and e-mails sent from the system.

Integration is also enabled between the ebillz note system and Microsoft Outlook to share engineer’s notes and WLR3 updates as well as offering shared company calendar synchronization and update.


The ebillz system also has the potential to be linked into dedicated third party Customer Relationship
Management (CRM) systems which are SQL based such as Microsoft Dynamics® CRM and Salesforce.

ebillz provides a complete CRM consultancy service. Our accredited Microsoft Dynamics CRM experts can assist
you in implementing a Microsoft Dynamics based solution that is tailored to your business. Our specialist knowledge of the telecoms market place makes us the ideal partner for your CRM needs.

Our services include the following:

• Initial Scoping and Consultancy
• Supply of Microsoft Dynamics licensing (both on-premise and CRM Online)
• Integration with ebillz
• Integration with Sage
• Bespoke Customisation and Workflows